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Discover flavours and textures in a menu inspired by the best of the Japanese traditions


Our cocktails take inspiration on the GODAI, five elements philosophy.
These Five Elements: Void/Sky/, Wind/Air, Fire, Water, Earth are represented through a creation of flavours and textures in each drink, all carefully tailored by our expert mixologists.

Earth - Chi

Pagoda Sour | £14.00

Shiso infused vodka, homemade red thai syrup, apricot jam, yuzushu, egg white

Akatoki Highball | £15.00

Pandan infused Akashi blend fig liquor, salted caramel homemade syrup, ginger ale

KAIHŌ | £16.00

Vodka infused eucalyptus, physalis syrup, lime, prosecco

Water - Sui

A reason for being | £16.00

Tequila ocho blanco, homemade kumquat wasabi jam, yuzu juice, umeshu

Sunset | £14.00

Roku Gin, physalis & ginger syrup, yuzu and hibiscus home made flavoured water

MalTOKii | £15.00

Suntory Toky whisky, chestnut liquor, D.O.M. Benedectine, citrus

Fire - Ka

Old KŌDŌ | £16.00

Cocoa butter fat washed Copper dog whisky, tonka maple syrup, geinmatcha green tea infused blend vermouths

Breakfast in Kioto | £14.00

Bacardi carta negra infused coffee, salted caramel syrup, rice milk, chocolate liquor and bitter, matcha foam

Omiyage | £15.00

White chocolate fat washed Sipsmith gin,umeshu, tea bitter

Wind - Fu

Ceremonial Spritz | £15.00

Sparkling Sake, pale rose wine, home made lichee liquor, elderflower liquor

Bloody MĒARĪ | £14.00

Sochu, yuzu juice, tomato juice, homemade spicy mix, raspberry air

Hiiko | £14.00

Rinomato Aperitivo, Mancino Chinato, Mancino Sakura, yuzu & hibiscus sparkling water

Void - Ku

Graffitti | £10.00

Coconut water, kalamansi juice, thai basil syrup, egg white

Japanese Fizz | £10.00

Seedlip garden 108, kaffir lime, micro coriander, chilli, ginger syrup, lemon juice

Hadaka in my dreams | £10.00

Seedlip spice 94, yuzu juice, aloe vera & honey, shiso leaf

Afternoon Tea

You are invited to indulge in a unique Afternoon Tea served with a Japanese twist; a sublime fusion that observes the traditions of afternoon tea from both West and far East.

Afternoon Tea

Selection of Teas | £32

With a Glass of Sparkling Sake | £43

With a Glass of Champagne | £46

With a Glass of Champagne Rose | £46

Sweet & Savoury

Japanese egg rolled omelette (Tamogoyaki)

Brioche of seared tuna, avocado and coriander

Chicken teriyaki bun

Cucumber hand roll

Prawn tempura roll

Yuzu creme brulee

Chocolate and salted caramel delice

Matcha chestnut and sesame roulade

Coconut and mango choux


Japanese egg rolled omelette (Tamogoyaki)

Hijiki, daikon, radish salad, miso dressing

Vegetable spring rolls

Cucumber hand roll

Crispy tofu, avocado, schichimi, honey and lime dressing

Yuzu creme brulee

Chocolate and salted caramel delice

Matcha chestnut and sesame roulade

Coconut and mango choux

Tea Selections

TOKii Food

Jing Tea

Sencha | £5

A Japanese green tea: sumptuously sweet, thick and refreshingly grassy

Gyokuro | £5

A Japanese green tea: thick, grassy and rich with umami

Genmaicha | £5

Single garden green tea: warming with toasty popped-rice notes

Refined Tea

Jade Sword Green | £5

A refreshing, sweet, organic green tea; the essence of spring

Jasmine Silver Needle | £5

A delicate white tea, scented with whole, natural jasmine flowers

Ali Shan | £5

A buttery Taiwanese oolong tea: refreshing, sappy and with notes of strawberry and pear

Green Apple & Hibiscus | £5

Pieces of apple, lemongrass and hibiscus: a bright, crisp and refreshing infusion